Talita do Nascimento



She is a graduate of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte. She spent one year stay at the Technical University of Lisbon as an research fellow student in the project LowC-Bionic. In her master thesis, she proposed and developed a bio-based coal for adsorption treatment application. During her studies, She interned in a large company that is responsible for the water supply and sanitary sewage service of 367 cities in Bahia – Brazil. At the moment, she is a research fellow at the Centre for Natural Resources and the Environment - Technical University of Lisbon (CERENA – IST), working on a Bio-derived carbon fibers precursors (BioCFiber project), aiming to develop an industrially attractive and environmentally friendly pathways for lignin valorization, as well as green and cost-effective bio-derived CFs.