Rania Rebbah



Rania Rebbah completed a Master's degree in Mining Engineering specializing in mineral resources Exploitation, in 2017 at the University of Béjaïa Faculty of Technology. She has been an exchange student under the Erasmus+ mobile Plus Program at the University of Porto Faculty of Engineering during her second year of Master's where she studied and developed her Master’s thesis. Prior to that in 2015, she finished her Bachelor's degree in Management of mining environment at the University of Abderrahmane Mira in Béjaïa. In 2020/2021, She joined the Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra working under the framework of the Project "MAG-GIC: Geomagnetically induced currents in Portugal mainland" MAG-GIC: PTDC/CTA - GEO/31744/2017. In 2021/2022, she worked at INEGI under the Project Geostructural Mapping of the mine's visit area and its surface influence area RH GELROMANOVAL UBS 27/2021. She was an Invited Assistant Professor at the University of Porto Faculty of Engineering Department of Mining until February 2023. Actually, she is attending the Doctoral Program in Mining Engineering and Geo-resources at the University of Porto Faculty of Engineering since 2022/09/01 with the FCT Grant number 2022.12789.BD. The focus of her research proposal is on green mining practices in the open pit mining industry. Her current research interests are in Mining and Environmental Engineering, Green Mining, Environmental protection, and Mining Modelling. She has also interests in statistical data analysis, geophysics, and solar-terrestrial physics.