CERENA joined the Cientificamente Provável Program



CERENA joined the Cientificamente Provável  Program, an innitiative between Research Units and Secondary Schools, operated through the Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares (RBE-School Library Network).

The aim of this program is to establish closer links between Higher Education and Secondary Education systems. 


CERENA has developed partnerships with the following schools:

- Agrupamento de Escolas Aurélia de Sousa

- Agrupamento de Escolas da Venda do Pinheiro

- Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Tinto nº3

- Agrupamento de Escolas de Samora Correia

- Agrupamento de Escolas de S. Martinho do Porto

- Agrupamento de Escolas de Vila Nova da Barquinha

- Agrupamento de Escolas do Castêlo da Maia

- Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite

- Agrupamento de Escolas Ferreira de Castro

- Agrupamento de Escolas Joaquim Inácio da Cruz Sobral

- Agrupamento de Escolas Latino Coelho

- Escola Secundária Daniel Sampaio

- Escola Secundária du Bocage

- Escola Secundária Quinta do Marquês


CERENA’s activities at/for schools:

- “Cocktail de Ciências” - Cocktail de Ciências" is a CERENA's outreach activity, held at Técnico, oriented to classes of the Secondary Education. Through some demonstrations, participants will observe how physics, chemistry, geology and mathematics come together to form, extract and process raw materials; 

- Travelling “Cocktail de Ciências” (Reduced Version) - Selection of some of the "Cocktail de Ciências" activities, held at IST, adapted in a 'portable' way to be taken to schools;

- "The school goes to FEUP"- Activities at the Department of Mining Engineering -FEUP, addressing several topics such as: Rocks and minerals, management of natural resources and sustainable development, soil characterization and rehabilitation, soil decontamination, radioactive decay;

- Science and Engineering Talks - Meeting of students and researchers and talks on topics related to the activity of CERENA, framed with the school programs;

- Participation in the “pool of researchers” promoted by Ciência Viva;

- Provision of resources produced by the Center or its researchers.


The Cientificamente Provável Program is a joint initiative of the Secretaria de Estado da Educação and the Secretaria de Estado da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior through the Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares.


Cientificamente Provável outreach activities: CERENA's PhD Students Helga Jordão and João Narciso at school EB 2,3 Venda do Pinheiro

Cientificamente Provável outreach activities: Maria João Pereira at Escola Secundária du Bocage

CERENA at the "Science Week" of Escola Secundária du Bocage

List of partnerships established between Schools and Research Units/Higher Education Institutions within the framework of the Cientificamente Provável Program