Detection of sand dunes on Mars using a regular vine-based classification approach (  Article in press  )

Knowledge-Based Systems


This paper deals with the problem of detecting sand dunes from remotely sensed images of the surface of Mars. We build on previous approaches that propose methods to extract informative features for the classification of the images. The intricate correlation structure exhibited by these features motivates us to propose the use of probabilistic classifiers based on R-vine distributions to address this problem. R-vines are probabilistic graphical models that combine a set of nested trees with copula functions and are able to model a wide range of pairwise dependencies. We investigate different strategies for building R-vine classifiers and compare them with several state-of-the-art classification algorithms for the identification of Martian dunes. Experimental results show the adequacy of the R-vine-based approach to solve classification problems where the interactions between the variables are of a different nature between classes and play an important role in that the classifier can distinguish the different classes. © 2018

D. Carrera

R. Santana

J.A. Lozano


Year of publication: 2018


ISSN: 09507051


DOI: 10.1016/j.knosys.2018.10.011

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